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Bats illuminated by lightning (video)




Simon Prades, on Tumblr

holy damn

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Watching Toy Story on BBC One

Mr Potato Head!  

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It’s your fucking nightmaaaaaaaaare


Grimes cover

Artwork by Georgina Fineman
Check her out : envelopesforyou.tumblr.com/

A cool alternate version and good cover by exguru!

Crazy Crystal Castles Jamming!

My name is James White and am an artist and amateur dancer. Just do it because I like it.

The song used is “Crystal Castles- Baptism” and is not meant to plagiarize the artist in any way and is just used as purchased the album and is the song for the video.

I have been interested in this and also b-boy style for many years. This is a spontaneous video and is possibly the start of properly going into this scene and other dance styles and this is how I dance hope you like and offer feedback.


Please enjoy the following series: “stuck in traffic”
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This is my alarm clock, would u want to leave? #nyc #nofilter #sunrise


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Nice shot deemg! :) Cool range of Photography.

Albums! Albums! Albums!

Self Portraits Im doing inspired by the album artwork of Disclosure.

These are not meant to immitate or plagiarize anyone involved in the original album artwork and are an experiment of portraiture and were just done for fun.
For all the Disclosure fans out there.


Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno.

This is what I do, instead of studying Germanic Philology, lol.

Cool Drawing of Serge! by fuckyeahvirgybk

The Skins!

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pieces of 2, 7ft by 5 ft painting I’m working on. Figured I’d post it just so I can say to those that have asked why i don’t draw eyes or that they bet i only draw this way because i can’t do realism….

p.s. anime isn’t realism btw. 

It’s funny but you can do as much abstraction minimalism or etc as you like but no one takes you seriously until they have seen you do realism. Ah the life of being an artist.


Really Good Paintings by “angryfrostedpanda” :D